Salam, hye readers strangers (^.^)

Last week i heard about google+ although i'm a bit late to know as google has launches this site on june 28, but i found this new launches social network have the potential to compete facebook which is known to be the top level social networking recently and it's cool to be exact!

It has several unique features such as 'circle' 'spark-content discovery' 'hangout' but what i found the most interesting part is their photo/group video chat!outstanding.

Just check this video out for you to have some better ideas about this google+ thingy

But at this moment Google+ is in limited field trial and they have temporarily exceeded their capacity. #_# but it won't be too long.

P/S : regardless of that, i would still prefer twitter among all the social networking sites evendo i have limited friends.just so i can be myself there.heh.

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