hye peeps.

okay enough with the haters.i know i should not use that word.forgive me readers as i am soooo corrupt lately.tp  kadang2 kita kena lepaskan apa yang terbuku dihati kan.kan. :) 

well anyway,

i'm lying lazily on my bed now while listening to my rumate strumming her quitar * dis is the only thing dat she's good at while all the cleanup part is all on me.damn u zaty. :) * & still thinking bout all my unpack stuff for tonite bout my unfinish assignments bout to going home perhaps after my class trip to penang and hey i still calculating did i have enuf time to repack all my stuff before i'm off to penang after i come back from cameron? adeih.

and 1 more thing,

i'm quit with all the diet plan.i'm quit!!!i can't stay long without food and the truth i can't control my rakusness,my feeling of craving for something, my big appetite in front of my favouritaa, my only source that can provides mental stimulus for me to think yo!.

and the most important is,

there are so any seducers.so i'm quit!!pueh ati korang.

with one of my active seducer.zaty

pizza lagi.see? *-*


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