2-5 feb 2011
Parit Fall Cameron Highland
Jalan Kebun 4x4 Club

here some of the photos.

1st day-at the camp site with half of the family arrive

1st day -sejuk sesangat act time ni n a lil bit bored as there was no xtvt 

2nd day-the adventure begin!!yeaaarghh!!

2nd day- i just wondering whether his ranger can drive up bukit brinchang or nope coz the road there was damn damn damn narrow & steep yo. we need to use horn a lot.both of us nervous to be honest but chillah as i'm not the driver & even if he force me to drive i don't know how to use the 4 wheels gear.hohoho.

Panormic views form the road leading to the top of Gunung Brinchang.awesome eh.

otai2 club.at the top of bukit brinchang.safely arrived.thanks god.

bukit brinchang lookout tower

view from the brinchang tower.NICE.need i say more.:)

at the top of the tower with adib n his jacket-asykar-pinjam as he don't even have any sweater or jacket during this trip.what the hell is he expect the cameron weather is??:)

mossy forest.heart it.

i was awed with the scenery here and this was a great trip.peace yo :) n there was no photos for the next day as we returned back early coz i have another trip to penang.kind of discontented as i missed the next day great xtvts n photography sessions with all the members of the club. :(

Salam maulidur rasul

bye.till the next entry-penang trip


  1. wah best gillaa..

    bf kau ke tu.. hahaa

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