hye dudesss strangersss hatersss.woopss.

nway, have a nice day y'all. :)
i um happy with my life now with my only frens that i have 'left', my family, my glue gun guy, my classmates,my assigments, my dissertation, my self, my-suka-hati-la-aku-nak-buat-ape-wey!
and i um trying to see only at the things, person that is worth it now
i don't bother any others life.and i never do this.so what the hell you care bout ma life.seems like you have fucking perfect life.so just live ur fcukin'-perfect-life moron.

apesal tah i'm so corrupt lately.there r so many haters and judgmental.why do we need to judge others where as we don't ever know the truth.why haters gonna hate where as you don't even have a reason to hate.judgemental, haters we all know such people.Their false & generalization give them away, they make far reaching pronouncements based on limited information like ' dak neh rajinnye baca buku..poyoooo' or 'Anyone who uses curse words is obviously stupid and uneducated! or ' that girl whose wearing that hijab mesti solehah sopan santun, baik budi pekerti bole jadi calon isteri imam muda lahh! " come on lerr. We are all judgmental,we make judgments constanly.so lets stop being a negative judgemental.im sick of it yo.i juz wanna get back my life.

bye, i'm off to anywhere wif my glue gun guy.so is there any HATERS wanna HATE me???
fcuk you haters!


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