This is one of the story in his compilation of 'a joyful life' which i admire most.

In a small village lived a girl with her mother. Her father passed away when she was only a few years old. Mother and daughter lived a life of poverty and deprivation. The girl grew up full of self-pity and feelings of inferiority. She kept to herself and on those occasions she had to go to town, she would keep her head bowed and tried not to look at others.

On her sixteenth birthday, her mother gave her a pouch of money and told her to buy something beautiful for herself. With the money clutched tightly in her hand, she went to a shop in town to look for a hair slide. The shopkeeper handed her a beautiful hair slide and said "Miss, you have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. This hair slide will look great on you." She put it on and when she looked into the mirror, she was astonished by how beautiful she looked! She never felt so happy in her life before, and thought "I must show this to my mother!" She paid the shopkeeper and rushed out of the shop, bumping into a man who was on his way in. She hurriedly said "Sorry sir!!" and went her way.

She was beaming with joy on her way home. She no longer avoided looking at the town people. They too seemed to notice her for the first time. Some were wondering "Whose daughter is this? She looks so beautiful and radiant. So full of joy and self-confidence!!" A young man whom she had secretly admired from far came up to her and invited her to the village annual dance.

She was most delighted by how much a hair slide can change the people's perception of her and decided to go back to the shop to buy a chain with the remaining money.

When she reached the shop, the man whom she bumped into earlier was waiting for her. "Miss, I was hoping you would come back. Here's your hairslide. It fell off when we bumped into each other earlier."

once upon a time, i was that girl but thanks God i had changed. (^.^)


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