Hye.Don’t expect me to smile 24 hours n don’t expect others too. Even if I smile I do like I don’t so wth. My new classmates  are all mature for their age,30 + pakcik pakcik abang abang kakak kakak. Most of em’ have the working experiences. Sime Darby, Felda, DOA, entrepreneur, tutor, & I’m fresh graduates.It’s like hey prof why don’t u just asked them coz I can’t even answered any of ur questions.i know nothing bout the current issues, political issues, business information, stock, investment, sukuk,n tah ape ape kejadah lagi.bak kata pia ‘aku rasa kerdil belajar dlm kelas neh weiyh’.that soooo true babe.plus  I hate crazy pig the uitm system now especially their staff.are u stupid or wut!!it’s just a simple things where u juz need to tell us the truth straightforward if it’s A then A if it’s B then B but then you tell us as if going to be easy.wth.my  new housemates are  all too damn hotsssszzz.cun-cun semuanya.seriously n thanks awin for ur scoot, I can’t imagine how am I gonna survive here without that fatso scoot.Besides, as I just have 2 days class per week so  i’m doing part time at Mcd for just 3 days n let me tell you that Mcd was suck sekian time kasih n I move on to KFC n it’s better.Mcd  was suck I repeat.and anddhh  almost 4 years  x jumpe apek neh n atlast I can as he cont his degree in civil eng here.i was happy beyond description.. :)

And Sean Kingston please come to Malaysia.feel like I wanna sing n dance face drop on stage wif u now.yeehaaww.

Pen off,


  1. ter'update' gak kisah ko skrg..hehe..

  2. haha.
    bnyk act nk cte.
    tp yela umh xde tenet cm dlu.