Hye readers & strangers

should i be happy when people tell me that i look young.no it's not.it's annoying and sometimes insulting.i don't get the respect i deserve.it's hard for me whenever i go for any interview.i'm sick of it n i'm going out of my mind thinking of it.i don't want to look older but i wished i look my age.

i remembered one of my lect called me GBS.geng bas sekolah!wth!aku g keje mana2 pon org ingat aku baru abis spm.when i tell them i'm a master student they laughed n never asked again believed that i'm lying.fine.what else can i do.i'm 22 years old even if i get marrieD now i can have a baby.

maybe i need to wear glasses or tudung2 makcik2.baju2 makcik2.fine.



  1. hana,,GBS or GSB,,gsb for gang school bus,,(eng version)

  2. mok!!!ko sambung master ek skang!!!wah*kagum*

  3. a'ah tp ade prob sikit.maybe postpone.
    x sesenang yg aku sangka.*sigh*

  4. wah..bagus la..neway..congrats mok..
    ko da master,aku still trkedek2 ngan degree..huhu:(

    neway,ble convo..??kalo teringin nk dpt bunga n bearbear,jgn lupe gtaw..hahaha:)