Salam & hye y'all.

As to age,i was in the very prime time of my life now.perhaps.h'm.22 years old never fail to make me feel totally miserable.uarrghhh!i had been offered to cont my Master,by research but that's not the point for me to feel wow!woah! as i still need to make some decisions cause i'm not apply for it.a lot of things to consider.so many 'how' & 'if' in my mind now.how about getting married hana.lol!.i was in no hurry to marry la babe so that out of my things to consider.well.the thought of getting it, the thought of i can still be a student, the thought of mak can't push me to be a teacher anymore, the thought of i-feel-like-seventeen still, the thought of 'eyh suke hati la aku nak buat ape', the thought of flirting, ngade-ngade, huha-huha is just exciting but i must clear that i'm 22 years old now n i'm getting older and older and older and and and wiser.older and wiser is just nice.hopefully.make it real.be fully aware now.masa peralihan daripada remaja ke dewasa la sekarang ni konon-kononnya.ces.hmmpphh.

Well,i need to find some inspirations and i found this great and remarkable book will do help me.it is a true story of Li Cunxin extraordinary life and journey.on how he survive from a harsh life and poverty to be 'somebody'.a short story of a 'frog in the well' by Li cunxin 'dia' or his father in this book really  deeply touch my heart as i just feel like i'm the frog in the story.huuw~the definition of pride,love,determination,passion,integrity are all i found here.in this great book!bacalah.nak pinjam x boleh as this is not mine but my cuzzy's. :)

Mao's last dancer

The author, Li Cunxin

sampai sini sahaja lah.a lot of things to settle now.durh.when the hell the real enjoyment of my life begins kan..bye.ikhlaskan diri.



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