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Salam y'all,

This week for project alpha i'm gonna blog about my favourite sport.Honestly as i grow older i'm not really into any skillful physical activity or sport!When i was a kid during the primary school i love to play netball.nyahaha.As i am the shortest between the 7 players n able to move quickly in my team i always given nominated the 'C' position or known as the centre where all areas in the court are permitted for me except the goal circle and the 'C Bib' is always mine!.tehehe.

When i was in the secondary school, i love to play basketball!!!this sport share many similarities with netball and even netball is derived from early version of women basketball.But i can't survive longer in this sport as i was rejected to join the basketball team for my school because i was the shortest among others!!!!!!!!!!wuwuwuwuwuwu.besides,this sport need a good techniques of shooting, passing and dribbling 'bouncing' while i just good in dribbling as i can move fast while bouncing but not for shooting.i just can shoot the ball thru the basket from below not from above.hohoho.that is why i was rejected.but honestly i heart this sport damn much yo!!

This jersey bring back my memory.One of my friends who was one of the basketball team know that i really love basketball and she know how much i dissapointed for not been selected just because i was short.ohh.wut the heck.then she invited me to join the friendly match between our batch and senior and she give me this jersey.huhuw.thanks friends.

And now my truly favourite sport is FUTSAL!!!!!!!heehah.and if u ask me what is ur fav sport.the answer is futsal!!!!!why?well, kalau perempuan nak main bola laki bising cakap x seswai,ngade2 and wutsoever.huh!!so aku main la futsal.hehe.I had one good memory of this sport where it bring our unity.The unity thru sportmanship.wah.wah.okay.and i love this quotes whenever i involve in any sport, i got this quote when i was in the secondary school.

'menang bangga,kalah bergaya'

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