My Favourite Surfing Spot

Hye y'all,

Okay honestly i'm waiting for the third week tittle for project alpha to blog about as i had missed 2 topic before.heheh.'My favaourite surfing spot'!!It is easy loh!!and i bet everyone know about the project alpha which is the Malaysia's first on-line show about real life bloggers presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Well back to my favourite surfing spot.Nowadays there's a lot of surfing spot.most of the fast food restaurant and coffehouse often  provide the free hotspot to attract or assist client such as McD, KFC, Starbuck, Big Apple, and even kedai mamak.!!wahhh!!!Wifi is everywhere.owh come on!

 get this for faster and uninterrupted speed

If you ask me what is my favourite surfing spot and the answer is definitely my room!!even there are plenty of free hotspots provided out there i  still prefer my room as my favourite.you know why??i tell you whyyy..*ayat mary ann.haha*first,because of faster and uninterrupted speed of internet service in my room and i need some kind of  privacy place to surf to get an idea for blogging and finishing my thesis*okay ini tipu.tehehehehehe*.Then i can sleep or take a rest whenever i feel like to do so.i can laze around while facebooking, ym-ing, twittering, googling, gb-ing, blogging and so on.When my internet connection get stuck my friends and i go to the nearest free hotspot fast food restaurant such as McD. (^.^).*tapi mcd kedekut ahh!!.always cut the connection bile org makin ramai gne wifi free dia.cess!!*That's why my room is best spot to surf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 and this is my favourite surfing spot.ahaks.

sila abaikan bilik aku yang sedikit bersepah tu.sedikit je huhuw.and to all the nuffnangers out there why don't you guys give a try to spread the love for project alpha and get paid for it!!!!!!and last but certainly not least,

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


  1. mokmok, t btau kat ee gak pasal title project alpha.

  2. eh.
    ni la tajuk dia ee
    'my favourite surfing spot'

    yg ee wat dlu da dpt earning???

  3. mak cik!!!nantikan kedatangan kami besok!!!jgn lupe masak sedap2..lalalala~

  4. wokeyh babeh!!!!!!
    nak peluk korang kuat2!!!!!!!!!

    nak kena masak ke?????????
    aku banje abc sudeyh!!!!!!
    lebih2 plak lempang kang!