the da vinci code.

assalamualaikum & hye

i heart this book!!!!!!honestly i don't like the movie but i enjoyed reading this book.huhuw.  

well,i had finished read this book a couple of week ago and i found this is one of the must-read novel that i wasn't really interest to read at first but at the end it keep me engaged and i really love when robert langdon and sophie break the code and riddles, the Leonardo Da Vinci symbol embedded in some of his painting such as the last supper and Virgin of the rock, PHI & Fibonacci sequence of numbers.(^.^)aww~ the history and mystery is mesmerizing and had me sucked in from the beginning to the end.

and i love dis quotes from the book,

when a question has no correct answer, there is only one honest response...silence..
The only that ought be on Newton's tomb could be none others that the Rosy apple that fell from heaven.struck Newton on the head & inspired his life's work


  1. i read this book a couple of years ago n still remember the passion reading it.

    Dan Brown did educate us with his writing n adding up the element of mystery and manipulate theory that struck in our head long after reading it..

    love it.. ^__^

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  3. farah : u read dis book a couple years ago n i read dis book a couple of week ago.ahaks..but nway dis is the fascinate book yo.i reaaly heart dis book.awwwwww~huhu

    nor afzan : love dan brown too!!!

    hapi : hello again.have a nice day too yo~~

  4. hi..an english writing blogger..let be close blog friend =]. I've read this book 3 year ago..it's thrilling..