perempuan ni mmg sakai!

assalamualaikum & weiyh

once again we make a last minute decision tomorrow want 2 go 2 genting.hek.hek.actually we had planned it each sem bt it never happen.lolzz~n 29t after seriously hash out n hardly convince adah,nisa,sarah,che'mah,awin,n abu..we'r gonna make a havoc at genting tomauroww..yihuuuu~~!!!!cacat sesungguh kawan2 aku neh.uhuks.

well,i'm currently listening 2 bad romance by lady gagak.she's crazy!!!she's insane!!totally demented.dats why her name is GAGA!nyahaha.she's go gaga in everything n everywhere she go.dia mmg perempuan paling sakai aku rse.but the "funny sakai" hahaha.i'm go crazeeeeee over her eyes in bad romance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!freakin' big babe!!!.it is very cute indeed.giler!!giler!!suker!!.i want dat big eyes!.sakai!sakai!..huhu....well.,i'm not a big fan of her but i really love dis song n for sure dis bad romance music video wif her weird fashion,her frigging big eyes,her unique style,her hot body.wuhuuu~

                      funny sakai big eyes of lady gaga dat i want!okay.bole x.? (^.^)

aaaaa..righto!!..i wanna sleep now as i wanna go "gaga" tomorrow wif ma frenn!!!!nyahaha.adiossshh!!

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