pavilion + sungei wang + time square = genting highlands??

assalamualaikum & hye

we had a fabulous day at genting yesterday!!!!for sure~!lets che'!!che'!!check!!it out!!

           mke2 x dapat terima hakikat 1

mke2 x dapat terima hakikat 2

jgn xtau kt genting pon ade pavi.bbahahaha!

anywhere on earth for us to relish!

balik.wut a bored pavi..not our heaven yet.

after had a blast!great! day.hehehe.

i fish you!!!

i'm listening to good girl go bad by cobra starship.cool!!.tq wa 4 dis song.really love blair waldorf~~~ muahaha.


new hapdate*********

sherlock holmes bestt!!!!!!!!i watch it first wif half of my eyes coz i was soooooo damn sleepy plus my contact slip out of my eyes n it was irritated.but dis movie trigger me 2 watch it wif both of my eyes.lol!holmes is brilliant.

till then..hoping dat genting bus ticket counter girl will not make a shit to us again next week!plisss la.wat keje leklok.keje jual ticket jerk bukan keje as a plantation's manager.wah~huhu. bcoz of u la perempuan kitorang x dpt pegi okay.

alrite.!adioosshh~ (^.^)


  1. asal xpegi genting? hahaha
    lens grey uuuuuuu!

  2. panjang cte die ee..sedih gle!!sies.

    oppsss.not grey sayang~.perky brown..hikhik.