hepy besday siti @ amiey @ mira @ azwa @ wani !!!!

assalamualaikum & hello y'all

this is a special entry for azwa as i wanna wish her a hepy besdayyy gemok!!!!!!!!!!!and i don't have any present to hand  2 u my dear as the south china sea separate us indeed.hukhuk.n dis song is just for yauu!!!!!!!!!!!!~a special song for yau as i use all my 2nd n 3rd languange that i had learned before yo.i'm such a good student kan.heh.

(english version)
happy besday to yau
happy besday to yaauuuu
hepy besday to azwaaa
hepy besday to yauuuuuuu.yeah!yeah!

(mandarin version)
zhu ni sheng ri kuaile
zhu ni sheng ri kuaile
zhu ni sheng ri sheng ri kuaile
zhu ni shengri kuaileeeeeeeeeeeeee.ceng~!ceng~!

(france version)
bonne fete a toi
bonne fete a toi
bonne fete a azwaaaa
bonne fete a toi.oh.laaa..laaaa

(arabic version)
i'm not sure.kehkehkeh.
wut a shame.learned it 4 5 years.
ok fine.

yo..yo.oooo jerr.iye kan jela.haha.

dis is the picture of us taken during our matriculation.penang matriculation.we on the race actually.huhu.so...i miss uuuuu so bad pompuan.she's crazy ,lovely,clumsy. but be aware of her bcoz she's pengskodeng buntut yg berjaya esp the sexy back of sape ntah mamat tuh.hikhikhik.notty yo!she always make me laugh like haarrrggggghhharrrghhhhhharrggghhh even in front of the lecturer.i can't sop it!!wth.where as i'm not dat kinda girl whose laugh like dat.pliss.we gagged all the time okay.huhu.hilang sume ilmu didada.no wonder i got a spoil result.cess kau azwa.but thanks for the laugh my friend~huhuw~

aku masih begini..dis our favourite stement.nyahahahahahargghhaharghhh..

last but certainly not least hepy besday siti amira hazwani bt mohd azlan 

till then.boboi..

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