british accent yo!

assalamualaikum & hye ( ^.^)

hurrrmmmfff...gok a lok to tell yau~is nok abok mai laife.is abok dat i really really heart british accent.huhu.i do love peeps wif a strong british accent instead of american, like jamie oliver.he's cute with his british accent.don't yauu think sauu??

rohd instead of road
ba-ill instead of battle
stewwpid instead of stupid
dewty instead of duty
arse instead of ass!

mann.dat's so cool.geez!i'm not a britishmaniac but i larv it.huhuw~

sidenote - today i learned on how to use a chopsticks from prof low seng mook ku.nyahaha.i screwed it up.pegang chopstick tebalik tuuuuhhhh.boooo!!!!!!!!confident habess.hee..honestly, i don't know how to use a chopsticks.okay.it's rare.i understand.well,prof promised maii to give an extra mark.so??who care.lol.

i need to read n search more on phosphate fertilizer,CIRP,soil,french bean,NPK, n plus one now,pesticides.sigh.malasnyerrrrrrrr la weiyhh....



  1. ko blaja pegang chopstick..??wut for??

  2. ade chopstick je
    nak x nak kn gne gak la mok
    x reti kn blaja time tu jgak