ske hati..hati ske..

salam my fren..salam stranger..salam lalock..miss u lalock..miss u so bad..

first & foremost dis week gonna be a hectic week for me.for us bak kate wani..lot of ass..assgments i mean..tests..quizzes..popozal still not progressin' duh!..em jap..wait..dis is my blog kan so it's up 2 me to write anything..my own blog..my story n my life....my life.precious!yay!.well..everyone have their own purpose 2 write  their blog..ade yg lepaskan geram kt blog..ade yg nk kongsi info2 kt blog..yg nk promote barang2..promote diri...sebarkan dkwah sebarkan politik..share their true love story or suck love story not fun..or wutsoever..

for me..i do 4 my own satisfaction..something dat i can use 2 recall back my life..coz my life precious..

n arini dpt 2 quotes dr prof low seng mook time discuss popozal..huhu....

'if u like calculus,u like thinking.'

'to get the good answer, we must ask a good question as the answer itself is in the question'
n 2day i got my own quote..aku da ade quote sendiri babe..haha..pehal..

kalau aku wat sesuatu..aku akan wat yg terbaik!!

currently listen 2 croatian rhapsody by maksim..bg tenang otak coz "i was born for test" dis week.. n nk study le neh..taa..adioshhh!!!~~

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