by him..

the world may be contaminated, but we need not be contaminated by it. The lotus only grows and blooms well in muddy ponds. The dirty water of the pond provides it with nutrients but the lotus flower is untainted. It grows pure and beautiful.

It is the same with our lives. The world may be contaminated, people around us may be truly corrupted. But there is no other world to go to (except after death).

So we just have to take all the impurities around us as reasons for our own growth - in the direction that we decide for ourselves....

And our lives will shine with a brilliance greater than the sun. No matter what...



  1. dat words from my lecturer dat support us from majority corrupted peeps.

  2. agree wif lolly~
    such a beautiful words!!

  3. huhu..kdg2 kte x perlu takot jd minoriti dikalangan majoriti yg salah pemikirannya

    as long as ape yg kte wat btol sudah..hu..